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Drewry Morris

Technologist, futurist and creative thinker.

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I am a technologist, futurist and creative thinker. I found my love for technology at a very young age where I enjoyed experimenting with DOS. Not long after the arrival of those first AOL disks in the mail, I was writing my first applications on the web. Soon after, I figured out that I could earn money with these skills. So I started selling websites to businesses around my hometown of Auburn, Alabama.

By the time I was in college (graduated from Auburn University in 2010 Magna Cum Laude) I had my own business. I was working in several computer technologies including JavaScript, SQL, Python, PHP, Ruby, Java, CSS, and HTML. This allowed me to broaden my skillset and find my true passion – rapid prototyping. I loved going from idea to execution in as fast a method as possible – using technologies that allowed me to move at the speed of thought. By the time I graduated, I knew that I wanted to move to Atlanta to expand my career.

Over the past decade I’ve developed my career working for companies both large and small, developing applications and leading developments teams from start to finish. I strive to work on projects that allow me to innovate and focus on my ability to lead and inspire a team. I’ve worked on projects for Coca Cola, Turner Broadcasting, Chik-fil-a, AT&T, Darden Restaurants, Aflac, McDonald’s and many others.

You can find me speaking in Atlanta at our Google Developer Group, where I’m a co-organizer, or at just about any tech event in town. If you have a need of someone with my skillset, feel free to drop me a note at my email.

~ @drewry